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The upcoming iOS 11.3 update seeded to developers and public beta tests the entire last week and the feedbacks are quite positive. The developers can now use the latest ARKit 1.5 and create augmented reality apps for iOS devices.

ARKit 1.5 is capable of mapping irregularly shaped surfaces detecting the surroundings in an improved manner, recognizing the vertical surfaces of walls and doors making way for the usage of AR. Short demo videos of ARKit 1.5 being tested by developers, exploring the possibilities with augmented reality applications, can be found on Twitter. In one of those videos, a realistic-looking tunnel is projected on a wall and from there to a certain extent, it can be understood, how ARKit sees walls in iOS 11.3.

Another video demonstrates the scope of the usage of this vertical plane detection technology in augmented reality games, by projecting the characters of the game into open space. Virtual artwork being projected on a blank wall can be seen in another video. This concept can easily be implemented in an art gallery or museum. A virtual cockatoo coming through a window and then landing on a windowsill, shown in another video, is sure to amaze you with the possibilities that Vertical plane detection brings along.

Apart from mapping the oddly shaped spaces and recognizing the vertical surfaces, ARKit 1.5 comes with the image detection feature. This feature can have applications in almost everything, starting from movie posters to barcodes. It seems, scanning a barcode to see a virtual popup of nutritional information, calories and more, is not going to be only the imagination for long. It can have applications in art galleries and museums as well. It could allow the visitors to scan paintings and exhibits to receive related and interesting information about those artworks.

ARKit 1.5 offers a higher camera resolution of 1080 px, as well. The additional auto-focus capabilities are expected to improve the augmented reality experience on iOS devices.

ARKit framework has never received much appreciation from renowned developers which resulted in a stagnating growth since it was introduced in iOS 11. But, ARKit 1.5, equipped with these latest improvements, might change that.

Applications supporting the ARKit 1.5 are expected to be available from this spring along with iOS 11.3.

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