Since the latest iOS app update of Uber launched on January 22 the app seems to have disabled compatibility with Apple Maps extensions. This means that the users who are looking to hail rides within Apple’s mapping app will have hard luck hitherto the issue is resolved. The app has stopped showing the valid ridesharing option in Apple Maps. Siri’s integration is also not much functional with the service.

Uber Apple Maps Extension

The service is also not available for activation in the setting app. Uber’s map integration could be enabled and disabled by navigating to the ‘right booking extensions’ in settings, but that option is currently unavailable. The other services of Apple Maps extensions are working, as Uber’s competitor, Lyft’s ride booking extension is also working without issue. Yelp and OpenTable bookings are also working as expected.

The problem was spotted since the release of the Uber version 3.282.10000, which was provisioned to the users last week. Though the problem was spotted, the public reaction to it was insignificant which appears that no one noticed the problem. There was not much mention of the abrupt lack of support on any social media. This lack of awareness suggests that either Uber’s iOS customers have shrunken dramatically or most users do not rely on Maps extensions to book their rides.