Pepsi to turn their TV commercial into a VR experience in 2018

Pepsi TV Commercial

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This year, Pepsi’s marketing division has come with the idea of transfiguring their TV commercial into a VR(virtual reality). This is incorporated with the global campaign of “Pepsi Generations”.

The newborn commercial has been titled as “This is the Pepsi” and intends to take you back across some emblematic moments of the brand. Pepsi fanatics can re-live and cherish those moments again, as believed by the soft-drink company.

That’s why we collaborated to create Pepsi Go Back, a WebVR experience where fans can travel through time and step into Pepsi commercials that became some of their biggest pip culture milestone. – said an official.


As we can see in the video, you will be on the driver-seat of former race car driver Jeff Gordon and can steer the car as him while racing against the “Back to Future” DeLorean. After that you will be taken straight into the setting of Half House Café of year 1992, in the time where Crawford dazzled fans is considered as one of the most famous commercial. The experience will let the consumers to look around, unlock cool stuff and interact with different parts as shown in the video.

VR is still a relatively new platform for retailers and requires immense surveillance. The WebVR allows a person to encounter deeply engaging contents, making it the absolute technology to indulge into the nostalgic journey of Pepsi. To get the feeling, you can have a look at “Pepsi Go Back” on chrome or any desktop browser through the help of VR headset like Cardboard or Daydream View. Although, there is official confirmation on how the VR thing will get executed.

Source: Google

Pepsi to turn their TV commercial into a VR experience in 2018