Google+ announces its brand new app version for Android

Google Plus Android Update

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Today, February 6, Google Plus announced that they are to release a ‘brand new version’ of its app for Android. The Engineering Manager Leo Deegan came up with the announcement via a G Plus post, adding that it would resemble the previous version mostly, but would have significant changes.

The post contained points about improvements in scrolling, rendering, and two other issues, along with some minor visual changes. Google is still developing it, and have enough time to bring modernized features via the new ‘complete rewrites’ of the new Google+ app.


The company may not have a huge user base compared to that of Facebook and Twitter but does have its own active communities. It would be interesting how it all plays out among them, once it is released.

There isn’t yet an APK version of this Google Plus Android update app, although the original app itself may not need one for its dedicated effectiveness. Neither any specific date is confirmed, but we are keeping a tab to cover further developments on this. Stay tuned!

Google+ announces its brand new app version for Android