So, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy’s launch finally gets to see the daylight. Yesterday, February 6, as announced, the rocket had its debutant launch carrying the Tesla Roadster of Elon Musk, who tweeted “Live view of Starman” with a 4-hour-40-minute-live stream of the entire session from start to finish.

Elon Musk considered the success, as the efforts paid off! After lift-off from the launch pad, Falcon Heavy swiftly went off to the earth’s orbit and passed by the Max Q, one of the riskiest rocketry points at peak atmospheric pressure point.

The two side boosters were as well successfully separated and safely landed at Cape Canaveral after flying through the main bulk of the atmosphere. Their landings were as awesome as an “elaborate aerospace ballet” performance. Before the launching procedure, the boosters of both Falcon Heavy and 9 surfed the atmosphere, coming up with ‘synchronized landing.’ Elon Musk expressed that ‘it was probably the coolest thing he’d ever seen.’

Roadster, Starman, and S2 of Falcon Heavy have been circulating in the orbit hours ago. SpaceX commanded for the final relight of the Merlin Vacuum engine of S2. As the burning process, this will ignite the Mission Mars for the exclusive payload, leading its way into space. There were few hours left in the battery power of Falcon Heavy during the time of this report, which was put to use for the live stream of the Roadster and multiple camera views while orbiting our earth and prepping to depart.

The last known update from the center is that Falcon Heavy “exceeded Mars orbit and kept going to the Asteroid belt,” as tweeted by Elon Musk with a pictorial space map showing the route of his Roadster.

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