Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 30,987,466
    Confirmed: 30,987,466
    Active: 7,439,017
    Recovered: 22,587,048
    Death: 961,401
  • USA 6,967,403
    Confirmed: 6,967,403
    Active: 2,539,886
    Recovered: 4,223,693
    Death: 203,824
  • India 5,400,619
    Confirmed: 5,400,619
    Active: 1,010,802
    Recovered: 4,303,043
    Death: 86,774
  • Brazil 4,528,347
    Confirmed: 4,528,347
    Active: 571,687
    Recovered: 3,820,095
    Death: 136,565
  • Russia 1,097,251
    Confirmed: 1,097,251
    Active: 171,450
    Recovered: 906,462
    Death: 19,339
  • Peru 762,865
    Confirmed: 762,865
    Active: 123,659
    Recovered: 607,837
    Death: 31,369
  • Mexico 694,121
    Confirmed: 694,121
    Active: 124,639
    Recovered: 496,224
    Death: 73,258
  • South Africa 659,656
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 659,656
    Active: 54,282
    Recovered: 589,434
    Death: 15,940
  • Spain 659,334
    Confirmed: 659,334
    Active: 628,839
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 30,495
  • Chile 444,674
    Confirmed: 444,674
    Active: 14,319
    Recovered: 418,101
    Death: 12,254
  • France 442,194
    Confirmed: 442,194
    Active: 319,346
    Recovered: 91,574
    Death: 31,274
  • Iran 419,043
    Confirmed: 419,043
    Active: 37,293
    Recovered: 357,632
    Death: 24,118
  • UK 390,358
    Confirmed: 390,358
    Active: 348,599
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 41,759
  • Bangladesh 347,372
    Confirmed: 347,372
    Active: 88,073
    Recovered: 254,386
    Death: 4,913
  • Saudi Arabia 329,271
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 329,271
    Active: 15,383
    Recovered: 309,430
    Death: 4,458
  • Pakistan 305,671
    Confirmed: 305,671
    Active: 6,952
    Recovered: 292,303
    Death: 6,416
  • Turkey 301,348
    Confirmed: 301,348
    Active: 27,786
    Recovered: 266,117
    Death: 7,445
  • Italy 296,569
    Confirmed: 296,569
    Active: 43,161
    Recovered: 217,716
    Death: 35,692
  • Germany 272,308
    Confirmed: 272,308
    Active: 19,342
    Recovered: 243,500
    Death: 9,466
  • Canada 142,774
    Confirmed: 142,774
    Active: 9,376
    Recovered: 124,187
    Death: 9,211
  • Netherlands 91,934
    Confirmed: 91,934
    Active: 85,659
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,275
  • China 85,279
    Confirmed: 85,279
    Active: 168
    Recovered: 80,477
    Death: 4,634
  • Australia 26,897
    Confirmed: 26,897
    Active: 2,081
    Recovered: 23,967
    Death: 849
  • S. Korea 22,975
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 22,975
    Active: 2,434
    Recovered: 20,158
    Death: 383
  • New Zealand 1,815
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,815
    Active: 71
    Recovered: 1,719
    Death: 25

UPDATE: Hike strikes a smart partnership with Airtel to offer ‘Total, built by hike’ on all devices

Author at TechGenyz Apps
Hike Partners Airtel
  • UPDATE: India’s first messaging app, Total, built by Hike, which was announced recently is going to be showcased at the upcoming tech show MWC 2018.

Hike, the first out and out Indian cross-platform instant messaging app for smartphones announced its collaboration with Bharti Airtel (the Delhi-based Indian global telecommunications services company) in New Delhi today to affix ‘Total, built by hike’ on mobiles under Airtel’s ‘Mera Pehla Smartphone’ drive.

From March 2018 onwards, some smartphones under the ‘Mera Pehla Smartphone’ will be shipped with Total as an inbuilt feature. This comes up as a good news for the users as the combination of ‘Total’ and ‘Mera Pehla Smartphone’ will open up access to major services like Messaging, Recharge, news updates and so on even without the need of a data connection, and the additional benefit of subscription offer to internet packs for a nominal rate as Re 1.

So, strategic partnership results in ‘Total, built by hike’, an improvised and reconfigured Android version having 4 key elements that add up mutually to make the end to end user experience very smooth, simple and hassle-free.

Now, zeroing on the 4 elements, they are namely:

Single Login

As the name suggests, this element allows a single login via the phone number of the user subscribed to each and every Total service such as Messaging, Horoscope, Recharge, News, Cricket scores, Wallet, and Rail information.

Light Services ( 100 kb to 1 MB)

They indicate those ‘Total, built by hike’ Services that are between < 100 kb to 1 MB enabling a lightweight footprint on the phone device.

Works without Data

This advanced element allows all the services built on Total to be accessed even when one does not have an active data connection, through appropriate proprietary technology.

Sachet Data Packs

The user base of Hike will soon be able to buy Sachet Data Packs starting as low as Re. 1 as offered within the Total experience itself. This smart marketing move is spelled out with the goal of cutting down the cost of access so as to increase the volume of users’ accessibility to a data connection.

“With ‘Total’ on ‘Mera Pehla Smartphones’, first-time users will find it easy understand and navigate a smartphone. Using data is also simplified and ‘Total’ users can get online with special data packs starting as low as Re 1/-. This is really powerful. We are very clear that to get a billion people online, we need to make the whole process of coming online a lot simpler, less intimidating as well as cost-effective and this partnership with Airtel is likely to do that”, stated the Founder and CEO of Hike, Kavin Bharti Mittal.

Nikhil Gilani, Head, Devices & eCommerce, Bharti Airtel issued his statement which goes: “Airtel’s ‘Mera Pehla Smartphone’ has been a pathbreaking initiative towards removing barriers to smartphone adoption in India and has received a very positive response from customers. We share Hike’s vision of helping every Indian own a smartphone and benefit from the digital super-highway. We look forward to collaborating with all our partners under this initiative to give every Indian access to a smartphone, bring them online and be a part of Digital India.”

Now, Airtel’s ‘Mera Pehla Smartphone’ drive, which was launched back in October 2017 had its mission to facilitate and draw every Indian towards getting themselves a 4G smartphone. In favor of its aim, Airtel struck partnerships with quite many mobile handset manufacturers so as to usher into an ‘open ecosystem’ of reasonably priced 4G smartphones in order to arrive at budget-friendly prices in the global market scenario.

If some published reports are to be believed, over 700 million people are expected to own smartphones by 2020, with many of them getting the hang of smartphones for the very first time. Therefore, for the first time users, it is likely that a smartphone experience could be quite complex and confusing. However, with this forward-looking partnership drive by Hike, these newbie users can conveniently override the 15-20 step long process that is to be undergone to be online, and cut it short to only a few steps to be followed for the same. Consequently, the users can thoroughly enjoy their smartphone experience with its array of versatile services, attracting more and more people to ‘Hike up’ their lives.