In the modern world, people are more likely to buy monthly subscriptions to music streaming services rather than pay for each track or album separately.

In fact, nobody likes to feel limited in anything, and in music particularly. Thus, music streaming apps can break the barriers and provide users with the legal access to the extensive music catalogs, music charts, and playlist for a small fee. Indeed, what can be better for a real music lover?

There is a wide range of music streaming apps in the app stores. However, only two of them have gained the largest communities of listeners.

We have reviewed the special aspects of such leading music streaming apps like Spotify and SoundCloud. In case you want to build your own music streaming app, read our latest article on how to build a music streaming app.

Spotify Music

It goes without saying that Spotify has become a household name throughout the globe. And no wonder why. Due to the rich scope of features Spotify provides, the app has a broader community of listeners than any other music streaming service.

Spotify is all-in-one service that offers users an extensive music and podcast catalog, along with the access to a good deal of radio-stations. Besides, the app enables listeners to share their experience on social networks. Spotify allows users to create own radio stations. This way the app will play the tracks based on your taste and interest only.

Spootify App

Besides, finding new music is like a breeze with Spotify. By searching for current releases and viewing top lists, every user can discover something new to his/her taste.

With Spotify, users can also follow their favorite artists. To keep music fans informed about the latest releases by their favorite band or singer, the app also enables push-notifications.

Spotify offers an extensive scope of features, essential for outstanding music listening experience.

1. Shuffle play
With Shuffle, users can randomize what will be playing next. This feature will be useful for listeners who tend to create long playlists.

2. Autoplay
When users reach the end of a playlist or track selection, the app automatically plays similar songs.

3. Crossfade tracks
With this feature, users can get rid of silence between tracks.

4. Spotify Radio
This feature allows users to create own radio stations. Spotify suggests users new tracks based on their musical taste.

5. Lyrics
The app offers users to discover the story behind a song. While listening to a track, users can view its lyrics or read a history of its creation. Now, the feature is available in English only.

6. Podcasts
With Spotify, users have access to thousands of podcasts. To find an interesting topic for listening, users have to search by categories like News, Lifestyle, Sports, etc. Besides, if a user doesn’t have a connection to the internet, he/she can save a podcast offline.

7. Play Queue
With the Play Queue, users can arrange the tracks they would like to listen in advance. This way, listeners can add and remove songs or albums, as well as change the order the tracks play (available in Premium version).

8. Running
The feature matches songs with user’s training. When users adjust the pace they run, Spotify automatically suggests tracks to match it.

9. Party
The app offers splendid Party Mixes. This way the users get non-stop music without awkward silence.

10. Artist profiles
Spotify provides users with information about their favorite artists including:
i. Discography
ii. Biography
iii. Related Artists
iv. Concerts
v. Artist’s playlists
vi. Monthly listeners
vii. Merch/Offers

Spotify goes in two versions – a free one with ads along with a Premium subscription for $10 a month. With a Premium subscription, users get access to such features as ads-free music, offline listening, and high-quality audio formats.

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SoundCloud – Music & Audio

Apart from being a world-famous music streaming service, SoundCloud is also a well-regarded platform for up-and-coming musicians, DJs, as well as other talented people. With the SoundCloud Pulse, artists can upload their creations and stream them to the whole world.

At the moment, SoundCloud has an extensive music catalog that accounts for more than 150 million songs and growing. The catalog includes albums by prominent and new artists of any musical genre, live sets, mixes for any occasion, and podcasts.

Sound Cloud App

Besides, the app allows users to share own playlists on social networks and create own customized stream of favorite tracks and share them.

SoundCloud has a free version of the app, and two paid upgrades – Go and Go+. Besides, there is a separate app for music makers called SoundCloud Pulse.

#1 Soundcloud Free
The free version of SoundCloud provides access to more than 120 million songs by new and already established artists but contains ads.

The app factors in user’s likes, history of search, and listening habits to make suggestions of new tracks a user may like. Thus, the more a user interacts with the app, the more accurate music suggestions are.

Soundcloud also features charts of all-time great songs, along with the newest releases.

Besides, the free version, it allows users to create their own playlists for training, party or even a particular mood.

#2 SoundCloud Go
It is a paid ad-free version of the app for $6 a month. With Go+, users are allowed to stream and share their playlists and mixes of music. Moreover, if a user doesn’t have an internet connection, the app provides offline access to the music collection.

#3 SoundCloud Go+
Go+ version is available for free for 30 days and then costs $13 a month. The upgrade offers a catalog of more than 150 million tracks. With Go+, users eliminate the 30-second previews. Instead, all music on SoundCloud is available for streaming and saving offline.

#4 SoundCloud Pulse
It is a must-have application for new and promising creative people who make music or podcasts. With the help of SoundCloud Pulse, artists can upload their creations, manage accounts, and keep in touch with their communities. For these purposes, the app has the following features:

1. Music upload
2. Statistics on-track performance
3. Public and private sharing
4. Track details edition
5. Replying to comments on uploaded tracks.

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Summing up

The following table summarizes the key aspects of Spotify and SoundCloud to help you choose the best one.