Google to launch Chromebooks featuring 4K display in the near future

4K Chromebooks

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A Google Chrome commit strongly suggests that we will be seeing 4K Chromebooks soon. Google is likely to use Chrome OS to compete with Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows 10 S. However, offering 4K resolution screens will require significant horsepower and battery life.

It seems to be quite clear from a commit for Google Chrome that we can expect the Chromebook featuring a display with a 4K resolution to be unveiled soon.

It is believed that Google is looking forward to introducing a premium device series. It started with the recent release of the Pixelbook. And now Google is taking Chromebooks very seriously. According to Chrome Unboxed, this upcoming series of laptops will feature ultra-high 4K resolution displays. A commit, discovered behind a Google Chrome patch by Chrome Unboxed, states, “As an added bonus, this logo is not only much rounder but also higher resolution, making sure it will continue to look crisp and pretty on our secret upcoming 4K Chromebooks.”


So it seems that these laptops might be powered by the Chrome OS. Google is reported to be developing the Chrome OS to compete with the upcoming iOS 11 of Apple and Microsoft’s Windows 10.

There is a possibility of these devices being 2-in-1 convertibles or tablets. The 4K screen resolution has a pixel density of 3840 x 2160, 4 times more than that of Full HD display. The introduction of 4K Chromebooks clearly indicates how Google and its hardware partners are committed to the Chrome OS ecosystem and hardware development. The 4K display is usually found in the most expensive and high-end laptops and televisions. The high pixel density is known to cause significant strain on the processor causing high battery drainage. As it seems, providing a 10-hour battery life on these laptops with 4K resolution, while maintaining its portability and aesthetics, is going to be the real challenge for the Chromebook manufacturers.

Via: Android Authority

Google to launch Chromebooks featuring 4K display in the near future