The Facebook Rights Manager tool is from now onwards going to monitor and protect the videos you post on Instagram, along with the same on Facebook of course. This is an update on request from the rights owners of the social media giant.

Rights owners have been enabled to report potential IP violations on Instagram, and having Rights Manager joining the party will provide stricter measures in protecting Instagram contents. This tool was introduced by Facebook about two years ago, and the latest extensive move of the social media provides “greater automation and more flexible controls” for the users on both platforms.

Given that you are a Rights Manager user, the functionality can be accessed right since today. All you need is enabling coverage on Instagram via Facebook. This is possible via the prompt when you open Rights Manager. You can as well manually go to Rights Manager in page settings and enable it.

Once enabling Rights Manager for Instagram is completed, the reference files uploaded will protect the respective contents on Facebook and Instagram. The users of Rights Manager may choose to automatically ‘Block’ or ‘Monitor’ the matched video. The match can as well be sent to ‘Manual Review’. Accordingly acting on the content will be commenced soon after, as Facebook says.

In case the reference files are already uploaded and applied for Facebook videos protection, and if the action is made available for your Instagram profile, then the rules will be automatically applied to both the platforms.

Facebook, as usual, goes on its spree of improvements on its contents as well as protection tools, again showing its commitments to keep things simple and qualitative for the global communities.