Android Auto, Google’s mobile app connecting Android devices with vehicles, has joined forces with a number of new and upcoming partners. The announcement regarding new partnerships got lost in the commotion surrounding Android Auto’s performance in CES 2018. But there are some really big names being added to its list of partners over the last few weeks. The following list, which comprehensively puts together the names of the companies that have been linked to Android Auto in recent time, includes aftermarket OEMs and car manufacturers like:

Boss Audio- Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
Clarion- NXV977D (launched in Japan)
Furion- Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
Karma Automotive- 2018 Revero (launched)
iNav- Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
Lifan- Vehicles (coming soon)
Macrom- M-DL9000 (launched in Italy)
Planet Audio- Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
Prology- Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)
Skypine- Aftermarket stereos (coming soon)

Android Auto has a simple and intuitive interface with integrated steering wheel controls and powerful new voice actions that allow drivers to stay focused on the road by minimizing distractions. The app organizes useful information in the form of simple cards to allow the user to remain updated regarding app activities even while driving.

“To use Android Auto, you need an Android Auto compatible vehicle or aftermarket radio and an Android phone running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher,” says the app’s official page. And post CES, 2018, using Android Auto has become easier than ever, with the addition of the actual Google Assistant to it, along with the app going wireless. The latest CES update did away with probably the only complaint users had against Android Auto, the necessity to connect the phone to the compatible head unit via wires; by allowing the app to form a connection between the user’s phone and car via WiFi. With the constant changes that Android Auto is undergoing, from app revamping to the addition of new partners, it is exciting to see what the app comes up with next.