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Xiaomi accepts the allegations regarding Mi 6 hands-free sound issue

Feb 11, 2018, 8:15 am

Last month, Xiaomi Mi 6 received the firmware update. But, once the devices were upgraded, the hands-free sound was noticed to get reduced. An anonymous user reported this issue on the official help forum of the company, a few days ago.

“Hands-free sound is really low after the update, please revert to the previous one, half the volume compared to Android”, the complaint states.

Once the MIUI issue came into the limelight, the MIUI Bug Hunter Team responded quickly. One of the members of the team confirmed the glitch. They also assured that they have informed the concerned team & they are already working on how to solve this problem as soon as possible. The company though hasn’t given any fixed timeline to solve the problem within.

This issue is confirmed as a bug and forwarded to the concerned team. This issue will be rectified soon so kindly stay tuned. – By Member

For those users, who are yet to upgrade the firmware, it is perhaps a better choice to avoid this update & wait for the next one.

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