Harman To Remake the Future Car in Collaboration With Samsung

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Gone are the days of cars with a human driver in the driver’s seat, or so is their vision of Harman. The future of driving is just around the corner. Harman, the American subsidiary of Samsung, proposes a scalable array of telematics products in collaboration with and from the vision of the tech giant Samsung. The new cars will be kind of like a personalized workplace, and a whole new area of the user’s digital life will get a brand new look. It is expected to make driving a lot more pleasurable, and they believe that people will be driven by their cars and not the other way around.

The new car will have LCDs stretching across the width of the dash, a moonroof that is actually a curved OLED panel, mood-shaping audio, and cockpit lighting, which will be automatically adjusted in accordance with the user’s mood and shape-shifting speakers. So this new car will make the users feel like they have stepped into the future where they have to do much less than they previously had to do. There will be less wiring inside the car, which, according to a majority of testers, is always a huge advantage.

Harman and Samsung proposed to bypass the slow and unexciting work of many others, including the Department of Transportation. Samsung envisions a four-person transporter with a sled design, meaning that the passenger compartment will be directly above the battery, the wheels, and its motors. The proposed car with its detailed design looks really huge but actually, it’s the size of a compact car.

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Harman has always been a huge supporter of the higher levels of autonomous driving and has always been interested in branching into other technical matters such as the branch of driver-assist tech.

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