Google has been releasing lightweight apps for low budget Android phones that will run on Android Oreo (Go Edition). These apps are streamlined and optimized for lower-end Android devices and are helpful in places with slower internet connections. The latest Google app that has modified for the Go Edition is Gmail Go, Google’s email app.

Gmail Go, much like the other apps of the Go family, is a lightweight app, ideal for phones with low memories and limited storage spaces. It is equipped with many of the functions of the Gmail app, like the ability to sort out ‘Primary’ emails while categorizing the rest as ‘Social’ or ‘Promotional’ emails; along with the ability to block spam emails before they reach the inbox.

Spam mails being blocked by the app includes emails that have been marked as spam accidentally. The app has multiple account support for email accounts with non-Gmail addresses like Yahoo, Outlook, IMAP/POP. In the Go version too, the mails, once opened, shall look like conversations.

The primary difference between Gmail and Gmail Go lies, understandably, in the amount of space being taken up by the apps. While Gmail’s downloadable file is 20.66 MB, and the app, once downloaded, occupies a space of 47 MB; Gmail Go’s downloadable file is 9.51 MB, and the app occupies 25 MB once downloaded. The Go version also uses less RAM. Furthermore, the app only allows images to be downloaded manually.

Files Go, Gboard Go, Google Go, Maps Go, and YouTube Go are some of the other Go apps, tailor-made for low-budget smartphones running on Android Oreo (Go Edition), like the upcoming Nokia 1.