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Apple iOS Google Maps displays real-time traffic and transit info

Feb 16, 2018, 7:00 am

A year ago Google updated its Maps app for Android making it much easier for the users to explore nearby traffic and also find public transit schedules. For most people map navigation has become an integral part of modern life, so today Google has come up with an updated Google Maps for iOS with features that adds trio of “Explore,” “Driving,”, “Transit” menus to the bottom of the home screen for quick access to local restaurants or commuting information.

The map will bring up information regarding dining options nearby as well as photos, a description of the area you’re currently in and options to search for gas stations, ATMs, convenience stores, pharmacies and other locations. The interface will display much useful information such as the location of ATM machines, train/bus schedules etc. The driving tab provides with traffic summary in the user’s area including the estimated delayed time during the drive.

Google Maps will also provide you with real-time ETAs for your destinations if your home and work addresses are saved. All these new features will be soon pushed to Google Maps on Apple for iOS users.

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