A new device, with the model code Samsung SM-J400F, has recently appeared in a benchmark test on Geekbench, a popular cross-platform processor benchmark. The specifications of the phone uncannily resemble those of Samsung Galaxy J3, making it a possibility that the device in question might be the next in line to grace Samsung’s J series, by being the much in talks, Galaxy J4.

The reports surrounding Galaxy J4 began this February when the device name appeared in a list that enlisted known and unknown Samsung devices. The name Galaxy J8 also appeared on the said list, but it was not surprising following the recent launch of Galaxy A8.

Samsung SM J4
Samsung J4 SystemThe model SM-J400F resembles Samsung Galaxy J3 in that it has a 2 GB memory, it is powered by Exynos 7570 processor, and the benchmark scores of both the devices are quite similar. This increases the possibility of the device being ultimately named Samsung Galaxy J4, an update over the pre-existing J3. The model shall run on Android Oreo 8.0, wherein lies the primary difference between this model and Galaxy J3.

Apart from the benchmark test, it has also been confirmed that a firmware is being worked on for SM-J400F. This means that this model might be the next thing to enrich the line of Samsung’s mid-low range smartphones.