Google adds Android Wear 8.0 support to more smartwatches

Android Wear Oreo 8.0 Update

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The Oreo 8.0 update for wearable smartwatches running Android is going to be released soon. Google has released two official lists of devices regarding this release. One list contains the devices for which the update is already available. The other one has the name of those devices that will receive it very soon.

Google lists the devices for which Android Wear Oreo 8.0 update is available. It also provides the list of devices that will receive the Android Wear Oreo (8.0) update very soon.

In case of the recent devices who don’t have their names on these lists, it will most probably take a little more time for the update to be fully prepared. It depends on the manufacturers as well. For the dated models, the upgrade to Oreo might never come, though they will be eligible for receiving the minor updates via the Play Store.


In the list, the Huawei Watch 2, Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E are the most popular ones. The Huawei Watch 2, as a result of the new update, will no more be able to access Android Pay outside the US and UK. According to Reddit, Android Pay and Android Pay for Wear are basically two very different applications with the later one never being launched outside the US and UK.

Apart from these, one thing’s for sure, the upgradation procedure of Android Oreo on smartwatches is organized & happened way more smoothly compared to that of the smartphones.

Source: Google Support

Google adds Android Wear 8.0 support to more smartwatches