Is FCC ID 2AJOTTA-1048, expected Nokia 4, the latest HMD-Built device?

Nokia 4

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As per the reports in the market, Nokia 4 might be the freshest device with the HMD Global-built. The FCC has sanctioned the device under the FCC ID designation 2AJOTTA-1048. Not much news has been extracted from the device due to lack of proper documentation. The FCC has decided to hold up the device’s images and other pertinent information until the month of April.

There are possibilities that the ongoing model ID TA-1048 may not appear in the actual officially released version at all. This is because it’s totally company’s decision to choose those characters.


Though the current scenario is not very clear, some deduction still can be made from the listing. Like, from the FCC level of the device, we can conclude that both a micro SIM card slot and a micro SD card slot will accompany the device. The FCC label does not indicate anything about the statistics of the internet and expandable memory. The smartphone is said to be in sync with the latest networking technologies like GSM, WCDMA, and LTE.

With Nokia 1, Nokia 6, Nokia 9 and now Nokia 4, Nokia’s upcoming lineup is looking quite promising we must say. Although according to some experts, it is not the company’s best decision to launch their devices alongside the MWC 2018, as it would probably steal all the limelight.

Source: FCC

Is FCC ID 2AJOTTA-1048, expected Nokia 4, the latest HMD-Built device?