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Twitter for Mac App is no longer available, will end support within 30 days

Feb 17, 2018, 3:30 am

Twitter has announced today that it will be terminating support for its official Twitter Mac application within the next 30 days in favor of the web client. The Twitter for Mac app will not be available to download from today and as a solution, the company has suggested that the users use the web client to avail the same experience.

The name “Tweetie” was once popularly assigned to the Twitter app for Mac once upon a time and has been stationary in its existence, without any further updates or additions, whereas third-party clients such as Tweetbot or Twitterific have conquered the MacOS. This necessarily indicates that the Mac App Store has failed when certain lackluster apps mimic popular ones and do not render the same user satisfaction.

Word has been going around that Twitter is now working hand in hand with Apple under NDA to establish its iOS app on the Mac platform. This news has gained quite some social media coverage over the past few weeks.

Users have already begun to migrate to other third-party app clients with no landmark updates or changes to the Twitter Mac app users and it is short-lived, with only 30 days remaining. We hope that the web client proves to be as useful as our “Tweetie”.

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