While the world is looking forward to Samsung launching its latest flagships, Galaxy S9 and S9+, at MWC, 2018, latest reports of the Galaxy S9 renders have revealed with even more information about the device’s design.

The latest render looks official, intended perhaps for stockists’ websites, and captures the phone’s images from a number of angles. These reports were revealed in two parts, with the first part comprising of images of the Galaxy S9 in shades of black, coral blue, and lilac, and the Galaxy S9+ in shades of blue and lilac. According to the sources, those are the shades in which the device will be made available in Europe. The German site has also shared certain marketing shots of the devices that reveal a number of features of the phone.

To begin with, the phone will have stereo speakers, which, as revealed before, will be tuned by AKG. Another shot showcases the apertures of the two rear cameras on the S9+, f/2.4 and f/1.5. Apart from certain subtle differences like the placement of the fingerprint scanners, the design of the S9 and S9+ will be quite similar to those of their predecessors, S8 and S8+. The next set of talks came from professional tipster Evan Blass who added an image of the device in a shade named ‘Titanium Gray’.


The information already available about the S9 and S9+ suggest that the S9 marketed in the US will be powered by Snapdragon 845, while those marketed in the rest of the world will be powered by Exynos 9810. So far as cameras are concerned, the S9+ will have a dual camera setup, while the S9 will sport a single camera setup. Both the models will have an Infinity Display up front and a fingerprint scanner at the back. With six days left for the big event, users do not have long to wait for the launch, and one can only hope that Samsung still has some features hidden away from the public eye for the big reveal.