Tesla to bring Roadster 2: Fresh photos revealed at Palo Alto

Feb 19, 2018, 7:45 am

Aniruddha P.

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Could it be so? Is Tesla bringing the next gen Tesla Roadster soon? The plans are at least on the high, as suggested by fresh photos revealed by one of the Tesla fans at the headquarters in Palo Alto of California, surpassing hush-hush and fuelling anticipations! As for the specs, it is worth as a refresher of Elon Musk’s tweet from November 19 last year that said: “There will be a special option package that takes it to the next level.”

The photos of the prototype model were shared by Redditor Casey_S providing a rare and intimate look at the car that has a unique steering wheel. There are as well cameras mounted on the side air vents, which could be a substitute for side mirrors ‘barring regulatory approval’ of USA.

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The all-electric Tesla Roadster 2 car can cover 620 miles on a single charge for its dynamic 200 kWh battery pack! Musk also added that this base model is able to pick from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds. Give it 8.9 seconds and go a quarter-mile, that’s just savage! This goes ‘far beyond’ what Hypercar Trinity (Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, and LaFerrari) gets you!

Tesla will perhaps rest at a range of $250,000 for the price, and the car would enter productions by 2020. Although, much of the capabilities of the next-gen Roadster remain so far under the cover.

Stay with us as further details get surfaced!

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