Today, February 20, Google started rolling out its new Pay app for Android that makes online shopping more convenient than ever in every aspect. It does not just make payments fast and simple, but also provides safety in purchase and payment methods.

Google is as well preparing to bring the new app to all of its products, which will enable you to shop either via Chrome or Assistant. Further expansions of the company’s plan include collaboration with online as well as offline partners. This will get you the app on sites, in other apps, and even at the shopping stores across the world.

As far as the new features are concerned, the Google Pay update has a new Home tab providing info on purchases, nearby stores, and even easy access to rewards and helpful tips. The Cards tab lets you keep everything required for checkout at one place, and most importantly, ready! This includes storing your debit and credit cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and offers.

Google Pay app can be used to pay fares in cities like London, Kiev, and Portland for now. The company hints that this will cover more cities in the coming days. The existing features that already became popular are staying too, with an extra layer of security and more.

The tech giant confirms that more features will be added in coming future. The U.S. and UK users, for now, can send and request money for the next few months now. The Wallet app has received a new name called Google Pay Send, which is being made fresh to suit the new Pay brand of the company.

Google invites developers to work with processor partners and to get hold of the needed tools from its developer site. For the business owners, Google is working with Shopify for making integrations easier.

Have you downloaded the new app already? Share your experience with us in comments below. Stay with us to know more about what Google brings to the app.