February update for Google Pixel 2 causes unstable WiFi connection

Feb 21, 2018, 12:20 pm

Bipasha M.

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Google Pixel 2’s new update has not been up to its mark. So far the smartphone has love up to its reputation since there was a lot of hype concerning the phone. But users are facing a lot of Pixel 2 Wifi issues now especially after its latest February update. This update has done more harm than good to its users.


Google has confirmed the new serious issue users are facing. Previously, the update had caused over heating and battery drain problems which were very serious. Users complained that the January update heats up the phone even when it is not in use and its battery is draining quickly than expected. Now a more serious issue has surfaced according to the complaints lodged by its users. Users are now facing WiFi connectivity problems.

The February update has caused their unit to lose WiFi connection randomly, frequently and repeatedly. The users would not notice that the WiFi connection is lost unless they try to connect to the internet because phone stays connected to the router. Turning the WiFi on and off again solves the problem but only temporarily. Google rolled back the February update and found no such problem in the January patch but when the February patch was downloaded the problem came back.

Google is currently looking into this matter.

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