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Samsung collaborates with Verizon to advance 4G LTE open RAN initiative

Feb 22, 2018, 4:30 pm

Samsung Electronics America has announced today that it has been selected by Verizon to help advance the network provider’s 4G LTE Open RAN initiative. Increasing network efficiencies, advance inter-carrier interoperability, and prepare a path for virtualized RAN and 5G commercialization are the aims of the collaboration.

Samsung will supply Verizon with types of equipment like Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) and Baseband Units (BBUs), which will allow Verizon to interwork with other ecosystem providers. Verizon’s LTE Advanced capabilities, CAT-M, and upcoming Narrow Band IOT platforms shall continue being enabled by Samsung’s compatible equipment.

We are committed to offering our customers a best-in-class network experience through enabling new technology partnerships in an open network ecosystem. – Ed Chan, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Architect, Corporate Network& Technology, Verizon

Mark Louison, Senior Vice President, and General Manager, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America, has reverberated Chan’s statement in the following comment, “Samsung is excited to support Verizon as they advance their 4G LTE network and build the next generation of wireless networks. It’s imperative that we as an industry continue to engineer networks, so we can deliver unprecedented, enhanced user experiences as technologies evolve.”

While Samsung has been providing Verizon with femtocells for quite a while, the new collaboration shall include larger scale 4G LTE Macro gear like next generation of Samsung Baseband Units and Remote Radio Heads, which shall be deployed sometime this year.

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