Latest Xiaomi Mi Band 3 gets Bluetooth Certification seems to launch soon

Feb 22, 2018, 4:15 pm

Moupiya D.

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Expected sequel to Xiaomi Mi Band 2 kept us waiting for nearly more than a year, revealing random reports and leaks but no solid news. But now it seems that the Mi Band 3 will be coming soon as we are confirmed that the fitness tracker just got Bluetooth certified earlier on February 22.

The certification does not reveal much of the specifications or the design of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 but we do see the model number of the Mi Band 3, XMSH05HM and it has Bluetooth 4.2. The new smartwatch is to be manufactured under Anhui Huami Information Technology Co., Ltd. aka Huami.

Though we are not informed about the specification of the Mi smart fitness tracker, we still expect that Xiaomi will continue with the same design with usual features that include a heart rate sensor, pedometer, calorie counter and a cherry on the cake would be the presence of GPS.

We are still unaware of the launch date and the price. Since Xiaomi is going to present its upcoming products at the MWC 2018 for the first time, we can expect to see an announcement regarding the Mi Band 3.

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