Apple TV gets its YouTube App updated, but several issues still left unaddressed

Feb 23, 2018, 6:25 pm

Aniruddha P.

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Yesterday, February 23, YouTube pushed an update to its app for Apple TV 4th and 5th-gen upping the version to 1.01.04. It is addressed to a few of the recent user concerns, and the improvements mainly focus on making channel selection easier alongside usual bug fixes and stability enhancements.

The original Apple TV YouTube app did not get much favor from the users, and the update from two weeks before had numerous user concerns. These included poor playback UI, laggy controls, improper channel list changes and more.

The newest Apple TV YouTube App updates modified the subscriptions tab that previously consisted of a long horizontal list of channels alphabetically arranged. It is presently the grid layout, just like in the original version of the app. The update also brings the app in line with other of its models found in Android TV, PS4, smart TVs and Xbox One.

Another improvement regarding video scrubbing gets you a thumbnail preview of the video popping up for you to choose where to land in it. While this becomes convenient, YouTube still hasn’t used the system-wide playback UI of Apple. Therefore, you aren’t getting any convenience for a quick 10-second jump forward or backward in your videos.

Last but not the least among significant improvements, the app fixed a glitch with the search keyboard for users with non-Siri TV remotes.

While these look fairer than before, certain issues are left unaddressed. These are such as the Material Design, confusing playback interface, unnecessarily space consuming side menu, no follow-up of tvOS development guidelines, inability to swipe between sections, jumpy controls and more.

Tell us your experience on the latest YouTube app update for Apple TV. What other changes do you think it needs to have?

Stay tuned for the next update on the same as it surfaces.

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  1. Have YouTube TV and tried the other similar and it is far ahead. You basically get TV on demand for the first time with unlimited tuners and storage.

    Love the UI. Could never imagine going back to traditional TV. But why did Apple not create a similar service?

    • Hello Jack,

      Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate. Google has captured the market with YouTube and now they are the indomitable king in this domain which Apple stayed behind. This is a tough question why did they now roll out similar service.

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