A great news is sweeping the world of car fanatics. Tesla Model 3 reservation holders who have never own a Tesla are receiving an invitation from the car manufacturing company. They are doing so, so that the reservation holders can configure their vehicles for the first time. A foreign media news reported on 23rd February that some of the new bookings of the electric car have already started to order the new Model 3. What led to Tesla’s popularity in the car market with the release of Model 3 is that it was only available to employees and to those selected people who already own one Tesla. Needless to say, owning a Tesla became a benchmark in the NEV market.

Tesla so far has provided a small number of cars to a small number of customers. Only this small number of customers received the first batch of the invitation given that Tesla would have to speed up its production speed. As the production will speed up, and they have received a considerable amount of feedback from the first batch of customers, they will send out more invitations. It is hoped that Tesla could muster up all the powers needed for the production.

Tesla delayed the production of the standard Model 3 battery pack late 2018. Standard battery pack and interior are necessary for Tesla to achieve its promise bade price of $35,000 to the Model 3. It is expected that the users who have received their invitation will receive their delivery in March. Since the announcement, the productivity has been bumped up a considerable amount. Tesla officials said that it is expected that they will achieve a milestone goal of 5000 Model 3s per week. Only 2,425 units Model 3s were produced in the fourth quarter of last year.