Apple Pay Cash Messages app will shortly be made available to iOS users in Ireland and Spain

Feb 24, 2018, 3:00 pm

Shreeya G.

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There are many apps rolling out on the market which are offering their users with easy and safe payment options. With the upgradation in technology, cashless transactions are promoted at a global level. With this, the monarch the giant is here with its Apple Pay Cash international rollout means, it is expected to uprise in Ireland and Spain after Brazil.

Going to the details, this feature launched by Apple provides users with peer-to-peer payments by using cards. For this, the card needs to be registered on the Wallet app. The user can use both debit and credit cards where the credit cards will be charged 3% fees for its use.

This feature is yet to go through some tests. Apple Pay Cash Messages app is anticipated to support money transfer between countries. It is not yet disclosed from the official sources but possibly may incur huge fees for such payments. Presently no peer-to-peer payment service offers transactions between countries. We cannot assure the same with Apple Pay Cash option as no confirmation has been received regarding this point.

The company did not yet disclose the key ends of this app. It is already made available to users in the United States where later Brazil will be the second country to receive the rollout. Well, there is no official confirmation from the company about the launch in Ireland and Spain we hope to receive details soon.

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