Nokia and Facebook collaborates for boosting adoption of fixed wireless access

Feb 26, 2018, 9:45 am

Aniruddha P.

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Yesterday, February 25 in a press release, Nokia announced its collaboration with social media giant Facebook for accelerating the adoption of 60GHz Fixed Wireless access technologies. The joint venture aims at delivering gigabit services via establishing fast and persistent global connections.

The 60GHz band enables ‘high-speed broadband connectivity’ across urban and suburban regions while using existing fiber. Nokia’s worldwide delivery capabilities and WPON (Wireless Passive Optical Network) will complement Facebook’s Terragraph technology for launching global gigabit broadband trials this year with selective customers.

Terragraph is designed to help providers deploy fast and reliable connectivity for people in urban areas. Our partnership with Nokia will help advance Terragraph by building a robust, open ecosystem of interoperable commercial solutions based on 60GHz technologies. – Yael Maguire, VP of Connectivity, Facebook

The WPON technology of the Finnish brand offers wireless gigabit drop to home-standards for broadband access networks. On the other hand, Facebook’s Terragraph is a multi-node wireless system of 60GHz providing a low-cost solution for high-speed wireless access. Its mesh-routing and multi-hop abilities can combine with WPON to open doors for gigabit services over wide areas. This will come with high reliability for meeting increasing demands for ultra-broadband access.

The two companies will further implement on ascending 8012.11ay industry standard of IEEE. This will go with innovations of WPON and TDMA scheduling capabilities of Terragraph. The objective here is to “create a strong platform and ecosystem for introducing 60GHz Terragraph-certified solutions to the marketplace, and deliver gigabit services to more people, sooner.”

Access points by WPON usage can be mounted on street lights, utility poles or building facade for delivering “gigabit-per-second speeds to a self-installable WPON Home unit.” The WPON solution will help broadband providers in low-cost up-front investment and fast deployment that will counter the tedious fiber-draw requirement into every home. This technology was launched last year by Nokia expanding the fiber-to-the-most-economical-point toolkit of the brand.

Stay with us for the next update of the joint venture on Nokia Facebook wireless services.

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