To make more people use the iPhones, Apple has decided to launch giant hi-end new iPhones but at a lower price. Apple had previously tried to bring much cheaper iPhones like iPhone 5C in the global market which came with a plastic body. But soon the users discovered that with paying $100 more, they could get an iPhone 5S which comes with the Apple trademark aluminum edges which led the company to discard the iPhone 5C. Last year, Apple had launched its latest creation, iPhone X, priced at a really very high price so it did not reach the expected selling amount which was predicted to be somewhere near 80.2 million units. Although, the much-hyped phone could finally sell only 77.3 million iPhones worldwide in last quarter of 2017.

The new lower priced iPhone whose code name is given D33 is rumored to have a screen close to 6.5-inch which is the largest among the mainstream smartphones. It will be of the same size of iPhone 8 Plus and an inch larger screen like in the edge to edge design used in iPhone X. Just like the iPhone X, the new smartphone will have Face ID Scanner used for unlocking the phone and purchasing stuff from the Apple App store.

A new upgraded operating system will be available for the new phone which is expected to be iOS 12 and its code name is Peace. It will come in the classic stainless steel edges and is expected to come in gold color. Apple fan has a different feeling for the gold color which the Cupertino based company wants to take advantage of selling more units in Asia. Some prototype for this phone includes a screen resolution of 1242 x 2688 which should be as sharp as iPhone X and the company expected to use LCD screen technologies and aluminum edges and a glass back to keep the cost down. The new iPhone is expected to launch at the end of the fall this year.