Google Assistant gains new major features for users and developers

Google Assistant Features

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Yesterday, February 26, in the wrap up of the inceptive day of MWC 2018, Google announced several new changes for its Assistant that are dedicated to not just users, but developers as well. Most importantly, the new changes will help developers integrate into apps without developing new codes (how cool is that!).

Last week, we updated Google’s announcement on bringing over 30 languages to the Assistant by the 2018-end, alongside it being multilingual. Now, seven of these new languages have been made available for the smart app. These are Hindi, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Thai and Indonesian. The new additions take the tally up to 15 languages for Assistant.

As for developers, Assistant has been improved to be better integrated with the third-party applications. Google developed a new Android Link feature to make integrations smoother. This feature will let developers create Actions to connect the Assistant for info or tasks in their respective apps.


Google showcased this feature by asking the Assistant regarding a parking reservation with Spot Hero. It opened the app in the used phone bringing up all related info on the reservation. The rollout of Android Link for developers will be processed in the weeks ahead.

Another Assistant function created by Google is askForPlace that monitors location-based functions for the developers so that no new code is required.

Google Assistant Update
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Last but not the least, Google came up with a ‘memory’ function for the Assistant for keeping notes of all info that pass through in the related apps. This will enable it to provide relevant info from the past activities of the users. Again, no new code needed for developers, while Assistant takes it all off their plates.

Share with us in the comment section about your new experiences with the Assistant. Stay with us for the next updates on Google Assistant and MWC 2018.

Via: Daily Trends

Google Assistant gains new major features for users and developers