NASA released a fascinating dark blue image of Jupiter that resembles our planet earth. At the release time, many users mistook it for a new planet.

The pictures were taken by Juno probe and have immensely detailing. According to NASA, they took the imagery of the twilight area of Jupiter. More NASA Jupiter images with more details have been received by them of course.

The NASA Juno Spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5, 2011, and reached Jupiter by mid-2016. The mission of the probe is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter. Juno’s doings include searching for solid planetary core, mapping the magnetic field, measuring water ammonia in deep atmosphere and observing auroras.

Two weeks back, the Twitter account of the mission, @NASAJuno came up with imagery on the cloud formation of Jupiter that resembles ‘cream swirling in coffee.’ Citizen scientist processed the image from the data provided by JunoCam imager.

Juno has completed the tenth science orbit of Jupiter on February 7. On the way, it has captured mysteriously powerful auroras of the planet! Certain discrete auroras have been spotted that can also be seen in the northern and southern polar regions of the earth, and even in the likes of Alaska and Canada.

Last December, Juno’s reports from the insightful investigation on the Great Red Spot of Jupiter have fueled the debates of its future. It was understood that it could be existing for more than 350 years. One of the investigative results led Juno to discover a new radiation zone near the planet. Scientists are still in works to identify anything significant. The Red Spot has been monitored by us for the last 188 years, since 1830.

Stay with us for more such fascinating updates from NASA’s missions as they surface.

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