In the year 2017, Apple officially uncovered the third installment of their wearable Apple watch series which became the first smartwatch of the world having a in-built cellular facility. It allows the user to use all the iPhone facilities in the smartwatch itself even without the presence of an Apple iPhone close-by. All these are implemented through a Apple Watch virtual SIM card and can use this card traffic to transfer data.

The first lot of China Unicom virtual SIM will be made available soon. As per the official declaration from China Unicom, the eSIM dual-terminal service will be making it’s debut on 7th March in 6 cities of Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhon, Shenzhen, Zhenzhou and Changsha although only the residents of Shenzhen and Guangzhou will be able to experience the virtual SIM card convenient as of now. This service could have been running in these cities for over a year. if Unicom would launched it in 2017 as per the primary plan. Official sources have claimed the process got delayed because of some unexplained restrictions.

Along with the very own Apple watch LTE version, other local smartwatch manufacturers can also try their luck with the aforesaid service as said by China Unicom. If the rumors are to be believed Apple is trying to accomplish dual SIM dual standby mode which will attract more consumers to use China Unicom as it’s own calling card further.