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Google to revamp its search option with material design

Mar 5, 2018, 8:15 pm

Google Search is probably testing a new layout, pointed out Reddit user, DiscombobulatedLead, on Monday, 5th March. New screenshots of the alleged layout show a more compact, ‘tabbed’, design.

The change seems to have its basis in the company’s latest ‘Material Design’ approach. But since Google has been continually affecting changes to its features, the latest may have gone unnoticed by many users. In the newer version, the search results have accentuated borders, making them appear like individual cards. While the new and compact version appears to still be in the process of development, it still remains to see how widespread the feature is going to be.

Google has been revamping its desktop applications using Material Design for a while now, and the latest to get a makeover was Google Calendar. Material Design, with its stress on cards, layers, “flat” textures, and specific coloring schemes, was launched about the same time as Android 5.0, Lollypop.

Google Material DesignGoogle has been known to declutter its search results, with moving the search category toolbar from the side to the top of the page back in 2012, and then repeating the move with YouTube a couple years later. Its attempts to hold the user’s attention to the content seems to be reinforced by the ‘tabbed’ layout it may introduce soon.

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