Bristlecone: A new quantum processor boasting 72 qubits, as released by Google

Google Bristlecone

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Google announced the release of Bristlecone quantum processor, on Monday at the annual American Physical Society meeting in Los Angeles. Google released the 72-qubit square array Google Bristlecone quantum processor, which is eight times more than its previous design.

Google Quantum

The primary need for building Quantum computer with up to 72 qubits that forms a matrix with each other is that the error rates have dropped quite low. If the quantum processor’s error rate can be kept low so to solve explicit computational science problems, it can go beyond the traditional silicon computer to achieve so-called quantum supremacy.


According to the announcement, Google plans to use an apparently original test to establish quantum supremacy. “Our theory team has developed a benchmarking tool for quantum supremacy.” The previous design was a linear nine-qubit system, as Google achieved best case error rates of 1% for readout, 0.6% for two-qubit gates, and 0.1% for single-qubit gates. Google believes that you need a 49-qubit quantum processor with a circuit depth of over 40 along with double-qubit error rate less than 0.5%.

Google has acknowledged that the quantum computer would go beyond the current silicon computer. For other organizations, they are also searching quantum computing techniques, as well as a cloud service allowing researchers to test quantum algorithms.

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Bristlecone: A new quantum processor boasting 72 qubits, as released by Google