Facebook Messenger Lite, an app designed to enable people around the world to get a faster experience in spite of slower mobile networks on Android phones has now introduced the much required in-app video calling. Today, thanks to the internet, the world is a global village but without video calls calling sometimes tends to get bland. When we want to share our happy and sad moments with our near and dear ones, we crave to see their face so that we might perceive their facial expressions and emotions.

According to Facebook, video chats are “an expected and essential part of everyday communication”. “In 2017, there were 17-billion video chats in Messenger, twice as many video chats compared to 2016,” Facebook explains in an update.“Now people who use Messenger Lite can have the same rich and expressive face-to-face conversations as those who use the core Messenger app, no matter which technology they use or have access to.”

To use it one needs to have the latest version of Facebook Messenger Lite. The video icon in the upper right corner of a conversation is meant for video calling. One can also convert audio calls into video calls by tapping the video icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, while the call is still on. As with Microsoft’s Skype optimization just a few days ago, there’s a clear reason why Facebook wants to make video chat as widely available as possible: maximizing its audience. If Facebook wants more users, it needs to add more features like this so that more people can use it enjoy the experience.