If you are in a process to buy a new smartphone for you but are confused at the same time, which one to buy, we have a great collection of information that can play a deciding role in your very next smartphone purchase.

Smartphones have become essential for all and their prospective use is not hidden by anyone. In the market, there are two most selling top brands that had already created a storm among the buyers as well as the resellers.

We are talking about none other than iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2XL. None of them needs an introduction as both of them already have a brand name. So, if you are struggling between the confusions about what to buy of both, we have a research of both that brings the unique as well as similar characteristics to you, making it possible for you to come with a profitable decision.

Undoubtedly, both hold a good name in the market and are the flag bearer of technology in one or another way but still, there are few major differences that need to be kept in mind before going ahead.


The look matters the most. For the first vision of the smartphone, the most important thing that is noticed is the look of the phone. Now if we keep on comparing the looks of both the phones, we would find that in the case of iPhone 8, there is no much change that could be seen. At least from the front view, iPhone 8 gives a similar appearance to the last model of the phone.

Only in the back panel, the glass body is introduced to give a new look to the phone. Whereas in the case of Google Pixel 2 XL, there is a big beautiful screen that offers it a glimpse of the slick-looking handset. A two-tone approach has been used in the back structure of the phone, that gives a unique as well as mesmerizing look to the phone.


Screenplays a deciding role in making your purchase of the phone. There are slight improvements to the screen with iPhone 8 as compared to its last model. However, the case is different with Pixel 2 XL. There are intense black levels and brilliant contrast of screen that has been introduced to the phone, making it the best buy of the year in case of smartphones. The screen is more user- friendly and brighter as compared to other smartphones especially, iPhone 8.


Every smartphone is incomplete without its camera. There are a paired 12 MP sensors within the main camera, packed in optical stabilization in case of iPhone 8. However, as compared to its last launch, there are major improvements in the camera and speed quality with enhanced pixels.

However, in the case of Google Pixel 2 XL, a single 12- megapixel shooter with a wider f/1.8 aperture, with phase detection is present that makes the camera quality of the phone unsurpassed. It can easily click multiple shoots without failing perfection. The camera is a must feature that should be kept in mind very strongly if you are about to make a fine purchase of your smartphone.


If we talk about the performances, both the devices are appropriate as per their worth. However, if we compared the performance ratio of both the phones, Apple phone holds an upright position as compared to Google phone. With the hurling Snapdragon core technology, it becomes easy for Apple to increase the performance quotient of the smartphone.


The battery is a great issue for both smartphones. They both possess a strong one-day battery life. But in case of Google Pixel 2 XL, it offers a nice premium coverage of the battery.

Comparing all the above-discussed points and characteristic features of both the smartphones, it can be concluded that picking up a smart option for a smartphone is a smart task. Keeping all the bits of advice and points in mind, you can take forward your decision of making a purchase that supports the idea of luxury with durability and performance.

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