Evan Blass posted on its Twitter account the image of the upcoming Moto Mod that is most likely to continue their tradition. For the Z series phone, Motorola has been pushing Moto Mods over the last few years. But only a few have been of good.

As outed by serial leaker Evan Blass the Motorola Virtual Viewer is billed as a Mod, but this one is just going to support Android’s built-in Daydream VR feature. Details on this are scarce, and Motorola declined to comment on this. But through the reported image the product looks like your standard Motorola VR headset for a phone.

As the image counts, the camera peeks out through the Moto Mod hole in the front making this headset look pretty strange, there’s nothing all that out of the ordinary here. It’s pretty common for smartphones to be tuned with VR headsets at this point.

A certain possibility of this Moto Mod is to support some basic augmented reality features since the exposed camera can capture footage from the wearer’s point of view. Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, which include cameras doesn’t offer AR features. The fact that anything attached magnetically to the back of the phone should not mean it’s a Mod.