Prior to the much-anticipated launch of Oppo R15, it has been revealed that the phone will be equipped with a new look of ColorOS 5.0, which will be faster and more intelligent AI smart assistant, and will provide a more intimate understanding of smart services.

The parameters given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology speculated that the Android 8.1 system pre-installed on the devices is to be based on ColorOS 5.0. In the upgraded version, the phone will be able to multi-task even when in full-screen mode, with two sides of the innovative ‘bangs’ screen displaying 3 frequently used Apps and 3 common operations. Furthermore, users will be able to use two applications simultaneously on a horizontal screen, with one of the applications being displayed in a floating manner over the other applications interface. This one-ups the traditional split-screen mode by eliminating the need to switch applications.

Additionally, the Oppo R15 ColorOS 5.0 phone has also been adapted to most of the mainstream apps on the market to ensure that the layout fills the screen so that neither the vertical nor the horizontal screen have to be hidden by the screen recess, thereby ensuring a richer full-screen experience.