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Samsung DeX Pad Desktop for Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be released on April 30

Mar 10, 2018, 12:40 pm

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ releasing on the coming Wednesday will have its most exciting accessories as Samsung DeX Pad desktop dock is released on April 30. It will be available for purchase on Amazon.

Samsung DeX Pad DesktopSamsung will be focusing on the aspect that makes it more convenient than before in terms of follow-up between the devices. Few users already gave out criticisms initially regarding the design of the DeX Pad. However, the device is going to be extremely functional that can soon turn things around! Docking your phone with the DeX Pad is quite simple for the larger screen access of the handset.

The DeX mode is not as same as the Android platform, but thanks to the enterprise-ready VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions, users can run virtualized Windows desktops and apps. Additionally, cloud-based ecosystems from Amazon, VMware and Citrix and even the feature of multiple open windows are available.

Another convenience for users is that the phone can be used as a touchpad, thanks to the display sensitivity. Although, 3 USB ports and one full-size HDMI port on the dock will provide better options to connect mouse and keyboard to the DeX Pad. The USB ports are two full-size Type A and one Type C.

Among other features of the device are fast charging support and the presence of a tiny fan for the cooling purpose during charging. Several other Samsung phones with Android 8.0 are as well compatible with the DeX Pad.

Tell us in comments below if you will want to go for any of Galaxy S9 or S9+ or the DeX Pad. Stay with us to know more about Samsung’s future tech innovations.

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