Voice recognition is the feature that comes handy for issuing instructions to a digital device devoid of a keyboard. But thanks to the marvel that digital technology is, some devices are also to get digital eyes soon along with digital ears. The Israeli startup EyeSight Technologies envisions this gesture-recognition technology into phones, TVs, and PCs that would be breaking grounds in the field of digital innovation and now for Sony gesture control projector. Till date, it had given up on its concerted efforts to bring this vision to reality, but now it’s back on track with a fresh new angle on the market: connected devices in cars and homes.

Sony EyeSight ProjectorTogether, Sony and EyeSight plan to announce on Monday that the Japanese electronics maker has incorporated the vision technology into Xperia Touch which is an interactive portable projector. The projector works by projecting an image onto a wall or other surface and uses infrared sensors to gauge how the user interacts with the image – jumping virtually over cliffs as the Mario in the Mario game for example.

However, this fascinating feature by EyeSight will allow the user to control the content from a distance, with no need to touch the projected image’s surface. This upgrade rings in the memories of all those fascinating attributes of digital technology that are often imaginatively shown in popular sci-fi movies like the Matrix, the Minority Report, and even better now, as EyeSight brings one of those make-believe features on the real plane.

Although the Xperia Touch is just one device that takes this leap, it in itself holds up a shining example of how the tech industry is struggling with baby steps to go ahead towards a better, smooth and more spontaneous way to interact with computing devices. However, this does not mean that the days for the good old keyboards and mice have been numbered now, but this feature surely ensures that people can work on digital devices even if they aren’t a touch typist. Although gesture controls is not an entirely new thing as it is an inbuilt feature of video game controller software like Microsoft’s Kinect, the technology, nevertheless, its foray into the other computing devices is still a far reach.

Eyes for Cars too!

EyeSight is especially charged up about introducing its gesture-detection interface for use in the increasingly tech-laden cars. Hand movements and positions are more convenient than having to look at a textureless touch screen by a driver to be able to use it.

With your finger, you can do a small circle motion to the right or left to turn volume up and down, You could flash one finger to call home, two fingers to call your office or hold your palm flat to answer an incoming call. – Gideon Shmuel, the CEO of EyeSight.

To this end, EyeSight is collaborating with LG Electronics, which provides some car computing technology, to build gesture recognition into automobiles. This means that the brainy cameras would keep their eye on the driver, keeping a check on them for groggy eyelids or fast blinking that signify a dangerously sleepy driver, bringing in caution for their safety.

Driver monitoring we’ll see in aftermarket products later this year, But for it to be built directly into the car, we’ll have to wait until 2019 or 2020. – Shmuel

However, as of now, the feature is only sported in the Xperia Touch today. Shmuel further stated that even though EyeSight likes gestural interface technology, it also can work quite well with voice controls too, as Sony visualizes it. This means that by 2020, the car drivers can wave at their dashboards along with the passersby and co-drivers!

EyeSight with voice control

“We aim to offer our customers the most intelligent and advanced user experiences, and with the synergy between our touch and voice-based interaction and EyeSight’s touch-free gestures, we’re able to fulfill that promise,” said Hiroshi Ito, Deputy Head of Sony Mobile‘s Smart Product Business Group

But rooting back to the real market scenario, one can’t be sure of just how successful the idea will be after execution as it didn’t cause a stir on TVs or PCs, despite the eagerness of the manufacturers to make their products stand out from the other products.

There is such a strong pull from automotive space, and there’s strong interested from connected digital devices in the home. Between those two markets, we are flooded. – EyeSight Chief Executive Gideon Shmuel

This innovative milestone of gesture controls by EyeSight Technologies that allows the users to control Sony’s portable projector with in-hair hand gestures upholds Sony’s tagline for real: “make.believe”.

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