Google has released an iPad-friendly version of Assistant. The latest version of Google assistant has been launched on iPad allowing customers to control their smart home, make calls, and send texts, set reminders and more, from their Apple tablet. You can also send commands to the AI companion while you’re chatting with a friend or while planning your day.

The app is available in much linguistics like English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. At first, it had only been available only in English.

The updated app launched on iPad offers a similar experience as on iPhone. The updated app is little different on iPad as it takes full advantage of the tablet’s larger screen, but that also includes multitasking support in iOS 11 with a split screen.

Google Assistant needs the full authorization of your iOS address book to text or call a friend. It also sets reminders, plays music, calendar events, helps to navigate, answer questions, cast to your TV and helps control connected smart home devices, among other things. The Google Assistant iPad app is available on Apple’s App Store which is to work in both, portrait as well as landscape mode.