Reports of Samsung S9 Plus users regarding fingerprint malfunction surfacing online

Mar 13, 2018, 12:00 pm

Aniruddha P.

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User reports started surfacing in the online community of Samsung regarding Fingerprint sensor of S9 Plus not working at all! So far, it looks to be a software issue rather than a hardware one, and Samsung or any of its moderators hasn’t responded yet.

According to several users, basic known processes of resolving the glitch, such as device restart and factory reset were unsuccessful. However, one of them said that the scanner is working in safe mode.

Apart from this issue, the reports say that the phone is a ‘piece of art’. This further increases the gravity of the situation for Samsung as far as its reputation is concerned.

Samsung S9 Plus is one of the most recent smartphones of the brand, and a global release of the phone is expected on March 16, but pre-orders have started. Users who pre-ordered before March 7 are supposed to have received the phone by at least a week before from now. Considering that, Samsung will have some time in hand to bring a resolution on this.

We do hope things get solved soon. Stay tuned for the next update on this matter as it surfaces.

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  1. I really thought it was just my phone that was receiving these errors because I was barely able to type anything in on my plus! At first, I thought it was the key pressure sensor that was set to high, and then I thought it was the screen protector. Now I know

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