The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo will soon launch Vivo X21 smartphone which includes an in-display fingerprint sensor. Only a few days ago, Vivo Apex Smartphone was trending hugely in top media sites because of its latest technologies like pop up selfie camera, half screen in display fingerprint sensor and maximum screen to body ratio. Vivo Apex has shown the world, how to achieve maximum screen-body ratio.

These are the model numbers of Vivo X21 Smartphones

  • Regular X21
  • X21UD (In display Fingerprint sensor)
  • X21A
  • X21UD A

The “UD” Model numbers have nothing much but the Under Display Fingerprint Scanner. So, it is expected that Regular X21 will have a rear mounted Fingerprint sensor and X21 under display Fingerprint sensor variants. According to the reported images, this smartphone will have a small iPhone X like notch which is the latest trend in Android Smartphones. The screen of Vivo X21 itself looks like one with almost no bezels and an aspect ratio that might be greater than 18:9. Even this referred smartphone will feature an iPhone like a dual vertical rear camera.

Vivo X21 bears resemblance to Vivo V9 which also flaunts the iPhone X like notch which has been spotted in Indonesia. Hence it could be said that Vivo X21 in China to be called as Vivo V9 in rest of the world.