YouTube launches ‘Dark Theme’ for iOS; Android to receive an update soon

Mar 13, 2018, 5:15 pm

Oindrila B.

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YouTube has finally launched what it calls one of its “top requested features on mobile”, the ‘Dark Theme’, for iOS today, with a similar update arriving for Android soon.

YouTube Dark Mode

YouTube launched a ‘Dark Theme’ for its desktop site last year, although it was not easily accessible, and could only be arrived at by using the developer mode. But the new update that has been provided for iOS users makes the ‘Dark Theme’ easily available to users who now have to simply click on the ‘account’ icon, hit ‘settings’, and toggle the theme on or off.

The ‘Dark Theme’ for mobile platforms maintains the black and grey shades used to color the main feed, settings, and various other sections, as well as the video player page of the desktop site, applying the same to the mobile app. The more cinematic, blacked out theme for the app is sure to make users have a better experience, enjoying the perks of YouTube without the glare exuded by the original white backdrop.

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