Dedicated Team Developers

How to manage your project perfectly with a dedicated team of developers

Author at TechGenyz Best Practice

Have you started a business and want to conquer the market? Besides progressive ideas and monetary funds, one crucial thing you need is a dedicated team of developers.

Why Hire a Dedicated Team of Developers?

An in-house team is always the solution, but being a startup an offshore team of developers would work best for you. Why? The reasons are simple.

If you hire an offshore team of dedicated developers, then you would always have access to hire the most skilled and efficient sources for your projects. Additionally, you can always stay protected from fixed monthly payments and hence cut costs and save time to focus on vital business processes.

As the term ‘dedication’ suggests, you have an offshore team of experts who have an insightful understanding of your business goals. Most importantly, you will be able to involve in the work process and regulate it whenever there is a need.

Challenges You Might Face!

But to ensure your project stays on track and you are able to make the best from your offshore dedicated team of developers, it is essential to know how to manage it properly. There will be numerous challenges that you might face, like:
1. Cultural differences
2. Differences in Time-Zone
3. Communication problems
4. Language barriers

But need not worry, as there are some simple ways that you can adapt to manage the project perfectly with your skilled department of developers.

Best Ways to Effectively Manage Offshore Team of Developers!

Before you read all the possible ways to efficiently manage the offshore team of developers to ensure your project runs smoothly and finishes on time, one important thing to remember is ‘Communication is the Key.’ With proper communication your project will always stay on track as well as your team will come with ideas and solutions that meet the need of time.

Besides this the other management solutions you can adopt are as follows:

1. Clearly Communicate Your Needs and Goals

Stay involved in the hiring process to shortlist suitable candidates for your offshore team. Communicate to them your organizational goals and share information about the target audience of your company. This will help them comprehend well your business needs and goals.

2. Have an Onshore Technical Expert to Manage the team

If you don’t want to engage in the hassles to manage the offshore team, then the best solution is to assign a full-time onshore technical expert to manage the offshore department. The onshore in charge must train and mentor the offshore team about your business prospects and work culture. They should offer technical direction, resolve technical issues, and establish a smooth workflow to ensure everything goes smoothly.

3. Be Clear and Precise about Product Specifications

Since you want the best from your end product, so it is vital to make sure that the team knows what all you expect from the product. You must talk to them about the pain points of consumers that you want your software or app to resolve. Clearly lists out all the features that you wish to incorporate into the product.

4. Generate a Workflow Roadmap

Define well and communicate the overall architecture and system of your business to the offshore team. From design, database concepts, to the tools you want them to use, everything can be discussed in prior and a smooth workflow roadmap can be prepared to maintain smoothness throughout the process.

5. Run Stringent Tests

If you want your product to stand out from the market then make sure you test the software or app module post development. You can conduct different types of tests according to your requirements.

6. Decide a Timeline

This is a highly crucial aspect to consider. Agree on a timeline based on your expectations and final launch date. You can set delivery milestones at regular intervals for all crucial features to ensure that work is performed on time and the project stays on track.

7. Effectively Use Different Communication Channels

Avoid miscommunication at any cost. Email clutter can result in lots of misunderstandings. So, avoid it completely. Rather use the modern modes of communication like messaging service. Also, you can opt for voice calls or video calls to conduct meetings that offer restriction-free communication across geographies.

Besides these ways, make sure you give your offshore team of developers enough space and time to focus on work. Be available to answer their queries or clarifications as your team would be the key to success in your business.