A laptop with the serial number 171502-xx appeared in the 3C quality certification center. The only way to decipher what kind of notebook is it is to see the certification information. Form the certification information, it looks like that the manufacturer is the Beijing Tianmi Technological Co., Ltd. This Beijing Tianmi Technological Co. is basically the official Xiaomi Ecological chain company.

They have previously manufactured Xiaomi Notebook Pro and Xiaomi Notebook Air. The date of certification from what appears to be is 7th of March, 2018 and the manufacturer were Dafeng (Chongqing) Computer Co., Ltd. The new Xiaomi Notebook has apparently passed the 3C qualification certification.

The new notebook covers currently two series of notebooks – they are Xiaomi Laptop Pro and Xiaomi Notebook Air. Among these two notebooks, the Xiaomi Air comes in two sizes of 13.2 and 12.5 sizes. On 11th September in the Xiaomi MIX2 conference, the Chinese company brought out the Xiaomi Notebook Pro series. Since then, the company had undertaken many tasks and were in the process of developing a whole new range of notebooks which should help them to branch out into the global market. Six months after this, the new Xiaomi  product came into the global market quietly. It was largely due to the franchise that Apple has created in the market with their MacBook series.

However, regarding the new Xiaomi Notebook 171502-xx, no other information has been reported on the certification website. CPU, graphics card, battery and other information are not made public as of yet but from the voltage and current of its adapter (19.5 V/ 9.23 V) the power of this notebook has reached 179.9 W- It should be brought to everyone’s notice that with such a high power demand, the high-performance notebooks are certainly not running.