Google Maps has come up with a new feature named ‘wheelchair accessible’ for providing convenience to the people with mobility needs. It is a part of the tech giant’s dedication towards ensuring the global community get helped irrespective of personal conditions.

For accessing the feature, you can simply type your desired destination into Maps. Then, go to ‘Directions’ and select the public transport icon. Next, tap on ‘Options’ and you’ll come across ‘wheelchair accessible’ as a new route type.

Selecting the new route type will get you to the list of possible routes that have mobility needs under consideration. It may be a transit station with accessible platforms, stops, entrances, and exits.

Starting today, March 15, the new Maps feature is on a rollout in some of the major metro cities around the globe: London, Sydney, Tokyo, Boston and Mexico City. Google assures that they’ll provide the rollout to additional cities in the coming months, as present talks are in process with additional transit agencies.

Google reminds the users that the Google Maps wheelchair accessibility option is not just meant for the people with wheelchairs, but as well to help those who are on crutches or pushing a stroller.

Additionally, Google gives credit to the users who are contributing to add accessibility information in Maps. The company states that it is on the way to update Street View imagery of transit stations as well as city centers for presenting previews to users ahead of their visit.

Stay with us for the next update on Google as it surfaces.