Wear OS: Google gives a new name to Android Wear

Wear OS

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Dennis Troper, Director of Product Management, Wear OS by Google, today announced that the Android Wear, from now on will be known as Wear OS.

At the time of its introduction, Android Wear was based on the vision of making the wearable technology available for everyone, irrespective of their style or their phones. Since it has emerged, the Android Wear has partnered with the top watch and electronics brands, producing more than 50 watches. These wearable devices are unparalleled when it comes about managing fitness, connecting quickly with the ‘favorite’ contacts & getting notified of the selected important pieces of information.

Google Wear OS

Dennis Troper, today, revealed that everything that’s been seen till date might just be the top of the iceberg. According to him, the wearable devices industry holds huge possibilities for the future. The statistics show that in 2017, one out of three new Android Wear watch owners happened to be an owner of an iPhone.


The announcement of the new name, just before the Baselworld scheduled next week, is expected to reflect the company’s technological advancement and vision. The Wear OS by Google has the motto of becoming the wearable operating system for everyone. The new name is expected to appear on the watch and phone apps over the next few weeks.

Source: Google

Wear OS: Google gives a new name to Android Wear