Don’t you feel lucky to have a drastic change in digital marketing and technology in the last 10-15 years? So, I would like to say everyone to follow the latest trends closely to help show the opportunity from trailblazing your marketing techniques. This blog will talk about all the new digital marketing trends that will surely take your businesses or brands to the heights.

Do you believe that we have seen amazing growth in organic, paid searches, social media, and mobile? What was trending last years will be a trendsetter in the coming year and you must look forward to adopting these trends.

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You must have noticed that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even other social media networks update their platform from time to time, so even digital marketers should keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the social media space.

Let me tell you which Digital Marketing trends 2018 will help grow you and your business:

1: Video on top of the list:

Nothing is as much catchy and attractive as a video content is. Let me tell you that social video engagements are going to be on the roof in 2018, whether you are marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Let me tell you why you must opt for social media video because more than a billion hours of video is seen by Youtube viewers each day, 8 billion videos are seen by Facebook users each day, more than 80% of the Twitter audience watches videos. Video explains anything in an easier way.

You must understand that mobile is the most important thing these days and most of the videos on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are seen on mobile phones.

2: Social media influencer in trend:

Well nowadays, social media influencer marketing has been well settled, so it’s really important for the marketers to keep the competition hard if they are looking forward to work with top-notch organizations.

Marketers will try to build more long-term relationships with social media influencers in order to avoid the pressure of competing with rival brands.

Here is an example, Louis Vuitton’s had a partnership with Selena Gomez in the year 2016, but their relationship ended badly after rival brand Coach signed the deal with the celebrity influencer. One of the biggest advantages of Influencer marketing strategy is authenticity.

3: Enhanced graphics:

I know saying ‘Picture speaks a thousand words’ is a cliché now, but when it comes to digital marketing atmosphere, this really works. Still today, a picture speaks a thousand words and makes more impact on people digitally and it really makes a huge difference when any information is served via visual content.

Visual content attracts more audience and this is expected to see the hike in the year 2018, as most of the marketers are already using this technique in this social media marketing.

4: Chat Bots:

Social media bots are something that every brand will start thinking about this year. This technique has been in place for many years but recently they have witnessed AI improvements. Now you will mostly see that most of the brand and businesses are using that Chatbot for customer support and also for perfecting this technique.

61% of the consumers are using this technique and it is expected that by 2020, more than 85% of consumer will connect to it.

5: A new way of storytelling:

As social media is gaining pace, along with that ‘Stories’ are been considered valuable. So marketers are not even ignoring it. Stories feature of Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram are one step ahead in the social media world. Now even YouTube has released his stories section called ‘Reels’.

Stories create a sense of FOMO for users who don’t check them before they are disappeared. So make sure you keep the ‘stories’ as the best social marketing strategy.


You really don’t have to ignore these trends, as they are going to shape the landscape of social and digital marketing this year. If you are looking forward to taking your brand to the top, then you really need to update your content and strategy to connect with consumer desires.

But you really need to learn how to use these trends in order to give the best return. A digital marketing institute in Noida will help you understand all these trends in details, which later will help you take your clients business or your business to wave the flag first.

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