Microsoft rolls out the biggest update for SwiftKey 7.0 under a ‘+’

Mar 16, 2018, 7:20 am

Shahid M.

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The SwiftKey Team has confirmed that they will be rolling out the latest SwiftKey 7.0 out today. It is reportedly the biggest update to be introduced by them since April 2016, when they joined Microsoft. The update will be made available for both Android and iOS platform.

Microsoft SwiftKey

In the latest update, Microsoft SwiftKey 7.0 has an expandable menu, called Toolbar, exactly under the ‘+’ sign on the very left of the prediction bar. The Toolbar will make it easier to access the new and existing features quickly. In case of the Android devices, the Hub will be replaced by the Toolbar. On tapping, on the ‘+’, the users will find both the features and settings they already know about and the new features that will be coming with today’s update. The Android users will get the Stickers feature.

The Stickers can be applied to the messages, either as they are or after editing them. The favorite ones, irrespective of whether edited or not, can be saved for future use. They can be accessed afterward by tapping on the ‘pin’ icon on the Toolbar. Exclusive Microsoft Sticker packs are expected to be included in SwiftKey very soon.

Two other features will be introduced as well. The Location sharing will be made available in US and India. Using this feature, the address of a nearby location can easily be inserted in messages. The Calendar sharing feature makes it easy to insert the calendar appointments with just a couple of taps.

8 new languages, including the Assamese (English), Bengali (English), Kannada (English), Malayalam (English), Marathi (English), Nepali (English), Odia (English), Telugu (English) will be included in the Indian version. These languages will be in the form of ‘Lish’ languages, a hybrid language that lets people shift seamlessly between languages. These new additions now take the tally of Indian languages on SwiftKey to over 40.

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